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To Accelerate Research & Training

Why RNA Biotech?


RNA Biotech Pvt Ltd or RnaBio is a biotech startup that aims to provide cutting-edge technologies and high-quality molecular biology products for bioscience education and research at an affordable cost. Nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) are considered life molecules, and any errors in DNA/RNA can cause diseases. Thus, it is of utmost importance to isolate high-quality and quantity of nucleic acid for downstream applications. In recent years, magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction technology is rapidly evolving. 

RnaBio is dedicated to designing and delivering magnetic bead-based nucleic acid isolation kits with the potential to change the way we isolate nucleic acids. The magnetic bead-based nucleic acids purification procedure is cost-effective and virtually equipment-free except for a magnetic tube stand. We believe that our commitment to providing high-quality and affordable molecular biology kits will accelerate biomedical research even in low economic and low technological setups.

DNA Strand



DNA Isolation Kits

We provide high-quality column-and Magnetic bead-based kits for DNA isolation, including Genomic DNA Isolation Kits, PCR Clean-Up Kits, and Gel Purification Kits. Also, provide innovative magnetic separation devices.


RNA Isolation Kits

We provide innovative RNA Isolation Reagent for RNA purification. In addition, we provide column and magnetic bead-based kits for total RNA isolation. We also offer an innovative small RNA isolation Kit.

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Custom Services

We also offer internships and conduct workshops for college students as well as consultancy on DNA/RNA isolation and its use. In parallel, we will provide DNA/RNA sequencing data analysis services.

Recognized as a Startup

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RnaBio is building a team of passionate scientists with self-motivation and drive to accelerate research and training in India. Interested candidates with molecular biology or genomics background can send their CVs to


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Let's Talk

For any custom-designed kits or to ensure the suitability of our kits according to your requirements, kindly fill in your details below or give us a call at +91 789 451 9666.

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